Helmut´s extended family

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In memory...

Our parents at the Postalm in Upper Austria... of our late parents  (Elisabeth and Helmut Paul) we continue this Genealogy which our father started. More Information you find in the FAQ.

This family tree was last updated on 26 June 2018. There are 887 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the death of Jean Baptiste Louis Aloyse Mathis in 33. The most recent event is the marriage of Private + Private in 2018.

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On this day
Anna N14 August 196355Death
John Horrocks 314 August 1906112Death
Anna Maria Hantsch14 August 1750268Death
Top 10 given names
Maria (155), Anna (103), Elisabeth (52), Marie (44), Theresia (36), Franziska (27), Katharina (23), Eva (21), Barbara (19), Johanna (15)

Josef (72), Johann (59), Franz (52), Anton (52), Karl (44), Robert (40), Joseph (39), Georg (31), Michael (24), Heinrich (22)

Old Helmut’s website
With this page our father started his website. It leads to his AEIA project and the Genealogy.
Helmut’s Life as a physicist
This scientifical CV our father wrote in 2013. You now find it on the AEIA website too.
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Das Holfeldhaus in Georgswalde 8
Das Holfeldhaus in Georgswalde 8
View this individual — Maria Anna ‘Ovo’ Holfeld

Note: Ovos (Maria Holfeld) Geburtshaus auf einem Aquarell. Das Aquarell befindet sich dzt. (2017) in einem Paravent den Andreas von seinen Großeltern Mathis geerbt hat.
Upcoming events
James Sidney Hochstadter15 August 198533Death
Margarete Holfeld15 August 194573Death
Boris Iljitsch Kartaschew15 August 193187Birth
Sarlota ‘Lota’ Just15 August 192197Birth
Josef Mayr15 August 1913105Birth
Therese Hofmann15 August 1905113Birth
Bernhard Franz Milz15 August 1877141Death
Anne Mathis15 August 1710308Death
Josef Sittig + Mathilde Nefeles (Neff)15 August 1875143Marriage
Amos Herrick + Eunice Scerl15 August 1781237Marriage
Alois Muhr16 August 197147Death
Anna Hesse16 August 1882136Birth
Bernhard Bader16 August 1837181Birth
Johann von Anreiter16 August 1836182Death
Marianne Roderika Lippe16 August 1815203Death
Domenico Not16 August 1763255Birth
Henry Herrick16 August 1604414Birth
Friedrich Freiherr von Stetten + Ursula von Weltzien16 August 1902116Marriage
Raimund Richter + Mathilde Müller16 August 1864154Marriage
Bruno Holfeld17 August 1857161Birth
Heinrich Joseph Matthäus Milz17 August 1832186Birth
Julius Ferdinand Anton Mathis17 August 1811207Birth
Marie Anne Mathis17 August 1704314Death
Peter Flath18 August 197048Birth
Ignaz Bitterlich18 August 194672Death
Alfred Coff18 August 1901117Birth
Josefine Grünfeld18 August 1892126Birth
Norma B. Durham19 August 1914104Birth
Valerie Neuwirth19 August 1907111Birth
Josepha Maria Anna Milz19 August 1821197Birth
David Moore + Susan Vorce19 August 1838180Marriage
Bernard Franz Pasmann + Maria Christina Josepha Merrem19 August 1797221Marriage
Pablo Alejandro Zelenay Dr.20 August 20144Death
Maria ‘Gicky’ Papke20 August 199919Death
Karl Eidenberger20 August 197642Death
Alan Hochstadter20 August 192989Birth
Maria Svobodova20 August 1884134Birth
Maria Josepha Christine Franziska Pasmann20 August 1874144Death
Josef Lipps + Anna Maria Kuderer20 August 1798220Marriage
Donald Stallard Harley21 August 200612Death
Johann Georg Lauber + Anna Maria Forstner21 August 1864154Marriage