Helmut´s extended family

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10 February 2019 - 21:58:47
In memory...

Our parents at the Postalm in Upper Austria... of our late parents  (Elisabeth and Helmut Paul) we continue this Genealogy which our father started. More Information you find in the FAQ.

This family tree was last updated on 12 March 2019. There are 897 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Eric Eyryck in 1224. The most recent event is the burial of Erika Ida Anna Gibelhauser in 2019.

Grabstätten und Friedhöfe
9 February 2019 - 17:19:00

Ich habe die Tabelle der bekannten Grabstätten (primär in Wien) ergänzt und der Genealogie hinzugefügt. Ebenso füge ich sucessive Pläne der Friedhöfe ein.

Sie sind unter Special Links bzw. Medienobjekte zu finden.

On this day
OSR. Friedrich Anton ‘Kleiner Opapa’ Paul22 March 195465Death
Johann Christian Joseph ‘Hans’ Milz22 March 1895124Birth
Clinton Jeremiah Herrick22 March 1817202Death
Statistics — Helmut´s extended family

This family tree was last updated on 12 March 2019.

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Top 10 given names
Maria (155), Anna (104), Elisabeth (53), Marie (44), Theresia (36), Franziska (27), Katharina (23), Eva (21), Barbara (19), Johanna (15)

Josef (73), Johann (59), Franz (52), Anton (52), Karl (45), Robert (40), Joseph (39), Georg (31), Michael (24), Peter (24)

Old Helmut’s website
With this page our father started his website. It leads to his AEIA project and the Genealogy.
Helmut’s Life as a physicist
This scientifical CV our father wrote in 2013. You now find it on the AEIA website too.
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Rudolf Josef Lipps23 March 200316Death
Sarlota ‘Lota’ Just23 March 200118Death
Prof.Dr. Dr. Friedrich August von Hayek23 March 199227Death
Josef Fäßler23 March 1830189Birth
Anton Joseph Paul23 March 1822197Birth
Magdalena Borzler23 March 1806213Death
Johann ‘Hans’ Paul + Ilonka Just23 March 194673Marriage
Richard Holfeld24 March 194475Death
Marie Antoinette Henry24 March 1861158Birth
Jirí Zivny24 March 1800219Birth
Robert Schneider25 March 193683Birth
Adolf Weigmann25 March 193386Birth
Josef Mayr25 March 1860159Birth
Marie Antoinette Gertrude Hölscher25 March 1857162Birth
Louis Jr. Brick26 March 1914105Birth
Franziska Mayr26 March 1881138Birth
Franziska Stöger26 March 1873146Birth
Prof. Rudolf Vrba27 March 200613Death
Eva Regina Theresa Laufer27 March 1912107Birth
Ernst Sittig27 March 1884135Birth
Marie Antoinette Gertrude Hölscher27 March 1870149Death
Reinhard Missoni28 March 196851Death
Maria Baumgartner28 March 192594Death
Marie Francoise Jeanne Henry28 March 1863156Birth
Zacharias Suchy28 March 1823196Death
Anna von Anreiter28 March 1806213Death
Matthias Fritz28 March 1806213Death
Henry Herrick28 March 1671348Death
Ruth Kramer29 March 199920Death
Hans Babuder29 March 1914105Birth
Maria Ellenora Holfeld29 March 1899120Death
Franz Liebisch29 March 1887132Death
Johann Wratislav Hollub29 March 1861158Birth
Anton Paul29 March 1859160Death