Helmut´s extended family

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10 January 2018 - 17:08:41
In memory...

Our parents at the Postalm in Upper Austria... of our late parents  (Elisabeth and Helmut Paul) we continue this Genealogy which our father started. More Information you find in the FAQ.

This family tree was last updated on 14 January 2019. There are 894 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Eric Eyryck in 1224. The most recent event is the death of Erika Gibelhauser in 2018.

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On this day
Dkfm. Wilhelm Töpfner22 January 20118Death
Ruth Kramer22 January 192693Birth
Lucy Jane Herrick22 January 1907112Death
Eduard Leinwather22 January 1904115Birth
Helene Maria Elisabeth ‘Lene’ Milz22 January 1902117Birth
Maria Theresia Spiegel22 January 1848171Death
Franz Maria Joseph Mathis22 January 1837182Death
N Paul22 January 1825194Birth
N Paul22 January 1825194Death
Hans Sittig + Eva Regina Theresa Laufer22 January 193683Marriage
Statistics — Helmut´s extended family

This family tree was last updated on 14 January 2019.

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Top 10 given names
Maria (155), Anna (103), Elisabeth (52), Marie (44), Theresia (36), Franziska (27), Katharina (23), Eva (21), Barbara (19), Johanna (15)

Josef (72), Johann (59), Franz (53), Anton (52), Karl (45), Robert (40), Joseph (39), Georg (31), Michael (24), Peter (23)

Old Helmut’s website
With this page our father started his website. It leads to his AEIA project and the Genealogy.
Helmut’s Life as a physicist
This scientifical CV our father wrote in 2013. You now find it on the AEIA website too.
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Upcoming events
Marie (Marly) Elisabeth Holfeld23 January 194673Death
Richard Holfeld23 January 1881138Birth
Marie Dannenhauser23 January 1873146Birth
Anton Vinzenz Paul23 January 1767252Birth
John Horrocks + Alice Hulme23 January 1803216Marriage
Josef Mayer + Katharina Leidolf24 January 1836183Marriage
Olga Josefa Marie ‘Olli’ Pospisilová25 January 20109Death
Richard ‘Harry’ Holfeld25 January 198138Death
Amalia Wolfsgruber25 January 197346Death
Elizabeth Eva Moore25 January 1899120Birth
Andreas Maier25 January 1874145Birth
Franz von Pittinger25 January 1850169Birth
Florian Rudolf + Karoline Holfeld25 January 1836183Marriage
Dr. Jörg Haider26 January 195069Birth
Maurice Ratner26 January 1905114Birth
David Moore26 January 1901118Death
Maria Pauline Vergeiner26 January 1862157Birth
Louis Nathan Brick + Ida Karpeles26 January 1908111Marriage
Philipp Peter (August) Sonderegger + Catharina Henriette Milz26 January 1868151Marriage
Anton Broß + Eva Stemmler26 January 1739280Marriage
Claire Eaton27 January 200811Death
Ilse Zillek27 January 198336Death
Adalbert Holfeld27 January 192792Death
Elizabeth Ellen Horrocks27 January 1912107Death
Anna Theresia Klinger27 January 1839180Birth
Theresia Richter27 January 1756263Birth
Christian Holfeld + Elisabeth Leiblich27 January 1722297Marriage
Richard ‘Harry’ Holfeld28 January 1911108Birth
Juliana Schapfl28 January 1834185Birth
Juditha Christmann29 January 194871Birth