Helmut´s extended family

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10 January 2018 - 17:08:41
In memory...

Our parents at the Postalm in Upper Austria... of our late parents  (Elisabeth and Helmut Paul) we continue this Genealogy which our father started. More Information you find in the FAQ.

This family tree was last updated on 4 December 2018. There are 888 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the death of Jean Baptiste Louis Aloyse Mathis in 33. The most recent event is the burial of Dr. Hans Warhanek in 2018.

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On this day
Rudolf König11 December 200810Death
Wilhelm Eschmann11 December 197543Death
Veronica Pohl11 December 194474Death
Anna Maria Elisabeth Margareta Milz11 December 1846172Death
Statistics — Helmut´s extended family
Top 10 given names
Maria (155), Anna (103), Elisabeth (52), Marie (44), Theresia (36), Franziska (27), Katharina (23), Eva (21), Barbara (19), Johanna (15)

Josef (72), Johann (59), Franz (52), Anton (52), Karl (45), Robert (40), Joseph (39), Georg (31), Michael (24), Peter (22)

Old Helmut’s website
With this page our father started his website. It leads to his AEIA project and the Genealogy.
Helmut’s Life as a physicist
This scientifical CV our father wrote in 2013. You now find it on the AEIA website too.
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Upcoming events
Mark Gualtieri12 December 196553Death
Dr. Hans Warhanek12 December 192692Birth
Josef Anton von Anreiter zu Zirnfeld und Neidheim12 December 1840178Death
Adolf Heinrich (Heinz) Catrin + Charlotte Lehnhof12 December 193583Marriage
Hermann Schoen + Emma Wolf12 December 192494Marriage
Pauline Koschetitzky13 December 194078Death
Josef Junker13 December 1857161Death
Johann Nepomuk von Petzer zu Rasenheim13 December 1853165Birth
Mathieu Francois Xavier Mathis13 December 1776242Death
Juda Sittig + Lisabetha Bloch13 December 1801217Marriage
Gizi Just14 December 198236Death
Charles Weber14 December 1885133Birth
Lucy Jane Herrick14 December 1827191Birth
Lester James Herrick14 December 1827191Birth
Mathieu Francois Xavier Mathis14 December 1748270Birth
Adolf Haslwanter15 December 20108Death
Barbara Winkler15 December 1900118Death
Marie Hoffmann15 December 1889129Death
Anna Maria Kuderer15 December 1778240Birth
Anna Maria Braunstein15 December 1772246Death
Josef Mayr16 December 1913105Death
August Lauber16 December 1891127Birth
Achim Freiherr von Chizzola17 December 193682Birth
Adolf-Adalbert Karpeles + Babette ‘Betti’ Mai17 December 1871147Marriage
Margarethe ‘Grete’ Nittner18 December 199919Death
Franziska Fuschl18 December 1851167Birth
Eduard Koschetitzky18 December 1832186Birth