Helmut´s extended family

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10 February 2019 - 21:58:47
In memory...

Our parents at the Postalm in Upper Austria... of our late parents  (Elisabeth and Helmut Paul) we continue this Genealogy which our father started. More Information you find in the FAQ.

This family tree was last updated on 11 February 2019. There are 897 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Eric Eyryck in 1224. The most recent event is the burial of Erika Ida Anna Gibelhauser in 2019.

Grabstätten und Friedhöfe
9 February 2019 - 17:19:00

Ich habe die Tabelle der bekannten Grabstätten (primär in Wien) ergänzt und der Genealogie hinzugefügt. Ebenso füge ich sucessive Pläne der Friedhöfe ein.

Sie sind unter Special Links bzw. Medienobjekte zu finden.

On this day
Josef Lipps24 February 195366Death
Elizabeth Mitchell24 February 193584Death
Emilie Charlotte Sennwig24 February 193188Death
Karl Jäger24 February 192495Birth
Heinrich Kunert24 February 1899120Birth
Magdalene Csekey24 February 1885134Birth
Dipl. Ing. Adalbert Otto Theodor von Weltzien24 February 1876143Birth
Johann Winkler24 February 1808211Birth
Francois Lupin Mathis24 February 1775244Birth
Matthias Lipps24 February 1739280Birth
Statistics — Helmut´s extended family

This family tree was last updated on 11 February 2019.

Total surnames
Media objects
Total events
Total users

Most common surnames
Hoffmann, Holfeld, Just, Karpeles, Lipps, Mathis, Milz, N, Paul, Reichart

Top 10 given names
Maria (155), Anna (104), Elisabeth (53), Marie (44), Theresia (36), Franziska (27), Katharina (23), Eva (21), Barbara (19), Johanna (15)

Josef (73), Johann (59), Franz (52), Anton (52), Karl (45), Robert (40), Joseph (39), Georg (31), Michael (24), Peter (24)

Old Helmut’s website
With this page our father started his website. It leads to his AEIA project and the Genealogy.
Helmut’s Life as a physicist
This scientifical CV our father wrote in 2013. You now find it on the AEIA website too.
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Upcoming events
Margarete ‘Margot’ Holfeld25 February 199128Death
Anna Reichart25 February 198435Birth
Martha Holfeld25 February 196059Death
Johann Anton Hoffmann25 February 194079Death
Johann Schabus25 February 193881Death
Maria Petters25 February 1901118Birth
Elias Holfeld25 February 1738281Death
Viktor ‘Onkel Vicky’ Karpeles26 February 194079Death
Gertrud Carsen26 February 192891Birth
Friedrich Wilhelm Lipps26 February 1890129Birth
Johann Georg Lauber26 February 1888131Death
Ferdinand Paul26 February 1831188Birth
Reuben Mitchell26 February 1812207Birth
Johann Georg Suchy26 February 1799220Death
Joseph Paul26 February 1795224Birth
Maria ‘Muzzi’ Leinwather27 February 192396Birth
Clara May Moore27 February 1903116Birth
Friedrich Wilhelm Lipps27 February 1890129Death
Therese von Anreiter27 February 1835184Death
Ignaz Holfeld27 February 1786233Birth
Johann Georg Petzer27 February 1753266Birth
Johann Nepomuk Engl28 February 192297Birth
Edith Martha Carsen28 February 192099Birth
Anna Grünfeld28 February 1901118Birth
Marianne Diesner28 February 1885134Birth
Ignaz Bitterlich28 February 1832187Birth
Anna Elisabeth Holfeld28 February 1718301Birth
Margarete StrelichMarch 196554Death
Margarethe FleischhackerMarch 1904115Death
Andreas BraunsteinMarch 1705314Birth
Emilie (Mili) Dvorackova1 March 199722Death
Paul Georg Scheuble1 March 194376Death
Elisabeth Juliane Bitterlich1 March 1906113Birth
Ilja Maximovitsch Kartaschew1 March 1902117Birth
John Horrocks 21 March 1811208Birth
Maria Theresia von Vintler zu Runglstein und Platsch1 March 1808211Death
Viktoria Büchler1 March 1803216Birth
Anna Maria Broß1 March 1742277Birth
Robert Hoffmann2 March 194772Death
Eva Günther2 March 193485Birth
Babette ‘Betti’ Mai2 March 192792Death
Emma Franziska Eschmann2 March 1897122Birth
Friedrich ‘Onkel Fritz’ Karpeles2 March 1889130Birth
Robert Leinwather2 March 1872147Death
Anton Vergeiner2 March 1858161Birth
Franz Langer2 March 1847172Birth
Magdalena Fritsch2 March 1838181Birth
Sir William Herrick2 March 1652367Death
Grete ‘Mo’ Kalita3 March 197049Death
Maria Anna Wußler3 March 1905114Death
Leah Bernstein3 March 1886133Birth
Laurentia Petters3 March 1870149Birth
Henriette Mathis3 March 1828191Birth
Gertrud Josepha Milz3 March 1823196Birth
Theresia Röttig3 March 1770249Birth
Joseph Mathis3 March 1716303Birth