Franz Tischler + Margareta Katczirek (F438)

1 child
Birth: November 14, 1781 31 31 Nový Bor/Haida, Česká Lípa, Liberecký kraj, Czech Republic
Birth: about 1750Nový Bor/Haida, Česká Lípa, Liberecký kraj, Czech Republic

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email via system, 6.8.2020:
Apologies for writing in English.

Researching an ancestor, Nicholas TISCHLER married in Budapest 1847 (born before 1820) from Pihler Baustellen - now part of Nový Bor ; possible brother Benedict TISCHLER / TISZLER married 1839 age 22 in Łódź parents Franciszek / Franz TISCHLER & Rozalia KEROSICH of Pihler Baustellen.

You have Franz TISCHLER occupation 'kamplmacher' (which is what, I wonder ? Google Translate gives 'camp maker' ... ) married with Margareta KATCZIREK with a daughter Rosalia Th. TISCHLER born 14 Nov 1781 at Nový Bor, and Rosalia married Anton HOFFMANN15 Feb 1819 at Nový Bor.

Can I ask if you have any further information about these TISCHLERs ? Were they from Nový Bor or was that where the records were kept, and were from one of the villages nearby ?
Any assistance would be gratefully welcome,

U.Viktor Fischer
Melbourne, Australia

answered, 15.8.2020; Andreas Paul

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